These are posts about faith, Christian living, and lessons I’m learning as I go along through life.

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Faith — 7 Comments

  1. What a wonderful post. I so enjoyed reading it. Just getting familiar with your site & blog. LOVE all I have seen. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of the world. What a wonderful family you have and what a godly woman you are.
    God Bless,
    Jackie Frey
    Cambridge, Wisconsin

  2. Loved reading this – this is exactly how I feel about faith. Someone once said to me that if I was suffering I better look for what I was doing sinful so I could cause God to remove the suffering by discontinuing the sin and asking forgiveness. Though God does allow us to suffer – it is sin that causes us to suffer – but that very suffering is not brought on by God – only allowed sometimes. I know that He could lift me out of every hard time – but as tough as they have been – I have never recognized my true need for Him as I did when times were tough. And I believe as you do – the 10 commandments are like a mirror. They reflect how much we need Him in our life because we are truly broken. Loved reading this – your site is a very refreshing change from many I encounter.

  3. Did you say you agreed with the Supreme Court ruling? If so, how can this be. I thought as I read you believe Christians brought this on themselves. Are you around different Christians than I am? The Christians I know are open hearted, love all people, help all people and do not judge. Pray for all not to see things our way but to see things God’s way. I just was unsure of what you said this morning.

    • No Rita, that isn’t what I said. I do not agree with the ruling. Did you read the article? The point is that for years, the church has already compromised on biblical marriage in many ways. God designed marriage to be many things, and we’ve turned a blind eye as it’s been chipped away to a point where where it has come to be thought of as *only* the love of two people (biblically it’s so much more). Her point is that this is not a surprise and we need to repent of NOT being salty in our own marriages.

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