Finding Joy and Simplicity in Homeschooling with Block Scheduling — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing! I ONLY have 7 😊 and can’t imagine what life would be like with 10 (I think I counted right!) but I really needed this right now.

    • I hope it may be a blessing to you, too! If you try this, I would love for you to come back and share how it works out for you!

  2. I had block scheduling in (brick and mortar) high school. Rarely heard a bad thing said about it!

    The administration had a knack for screwing up timetables (which, um, risked graduation), but you don’t have to worry about that. :) Glad to hear your kids are enjoying the setup!

    • Interesting! The concept is new to me, but then again, it’s been a long time since I was in school!