David Jonathan — 10 Comments

  1. A pastor once told me that since there is no time in heaven…it will be as if we all arrive together. I love that thought when I think of my little one that I lost and thought it might bring you some comfort as well. Blessings to your family and I pray the Lord blesses you with another sweet baby soon.

  2. David Jonathan is a wonderful name! It really is such a sweet thought of him in Heaven with his big sister playing and rejoicing in the Lord’s presence. I know even with the promise of being with them one day, the loss of a child here on earth is still hard. I’ll be praying for you and your family!

  3. Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your sweet little David with us. So blessed to read the small glimpses of light and hope you have from the Lord in such dark times. Thankful for you.


  4. Celebrating David Jonathan and Lily Hope’s lives hidden in Christ Jesus. Thanking God for how you embrace LIFE. Forever. Life. So thankful for your hospitality.

    • Hi Rebecca! Emotionally I am doing fine. Physically it has been tough. I had a second surgery two weeks after the first due to a blood clot, and I am still healing from that one. But overall, I am doing well. Thank you for asking!