How We Use BiblioPlan’s History Curriculum — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you are back to blogging!!
    As you recommended I have decided to use mfw for history/science/read alouds/bible this year.
    I am using the Adventures in Us history (for 2nd to 3rd graders) with my 2nd grader 1st grader and kindergardener.
    I am wondering if you used this year, and if you have any tips on this year, since its my first using this curriculum.
    The kiddos are still going to be using abeka (with alot of tweaking for my 1st grader who hates handwriting and worksheets) with all my kids for phonics and math and reading.

    • Hi Nicole, I did not use Adventures, but have heard only good things! I loved My Father’s World and think you will too!

  2. What years did you use?
    (I’m just wondering how it will work out if I continue on with it for history/science)
    I’m hoping it will work well because my kiddos are all consecutive grades
    Do you have any recommendations for cursive?
    My 2nd grader is begging to do cursive but the curriculum we use (abeka) typically start kids in kindergarden on cursive but I chose manuscript.

    • I started with Exploring Countries and Cultures because my children were older when we learned about MFW, then used the whole 5 year cycle, then started again with Countries and Cultures again. You can add in kids wherever you are in the cycle.

      We don’t have anything special for cursive. We have used lots of different things and they’ve all been pretty similar. This year I will be using PenTime, which is probably my favorite. It is simple and basic, inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of time, which is what we wanted.

  3. Thank you so much! The workbook for 2nd is perfect because it transitions to cursive. Where do you usually order yours from?
    Also what are you doing for your little ones now while you do school? I’ll have a baby and a 2 year old and the 2 year old will need something to do. I’ve read some of your posts on different things, I’m just wondering if you have changed things. I guess it would be good to know what you did when your kids were all 2nd grade and under? My 4 year old isnt going to be doing as much school either, although were doing kindergarden because she really wants to.