Our (Revised) Curriculum This Year — 7 Comments

  1. So happy to see the blog back! This is slightly unrelated but I cant seem to find a related post. My five year old has been struggling with a very bad attitude about school. He moans and groans and drags his feet. It takes his sometimes over a half hour to do a simple short handwriting worksheet because he gets distracted. Sometimes he crosses out problems on his math because he says he doesnt want to do them. He seems to be constantly in trouble over this which is very discouraing to my husband and I. We have tried all sorts of things..none of which have worked. Its hard too because his brother is worksheet crazy and he LOVES them and has no problem at all with school. We try not to compare but I am sure he notices that his brother does not get in trouble over this. Have you ever dealt with this?

    • I just went to a homeschool convention this past weekend and heard something from one of the speakers that might be helpful. Maybe it would help to ask your husband if he would talk to your son to give you some back up. You could explain to your husband the couple of things you plan to do the next day, and your husband can go over the agenda with him. Something like, “Tomorrow, Mommy is going to do math and read with you, and then she will give you a handwriting sheet. I expect you to listen to her…” Often kids, boys in particular, respond better for dad, and this can help him know that his mom and dad are a team. Just a thought. :)

      The speaker was Norm Wakefield from Spirit of Elijah Ministries. Lots of great wisdom there!

  2. We have tried to get away from online curriculum as well. We thought it would make life so much easier but, it just seems to complicate it. The printable free curriculum from has been so helpful to us. Also, I have ordered some Easy Peasy Workbooks instead of using the curriculum online.

    • Thank you for the recommendations! So far, our revised curriculum choices are working out really well, but it’s good to know about those, roo!

  3. YOu are so right! We have actually been doing this more and it has helped. My five year old especially takes things much more serious from dad then me. (my husband and him also have very similar personalities :))
    Also for handwriting God has given me a great answer that is working well. I put a star next to each line and time him for each line and then write how long it took. He does well with competition. Then if there are any letters that need to be fixed we go over that after he is done.
    Thank you again for your help!
    By the way I would like to mention that I found out recently that I am pregnant with my fifth child :) due in september.

  4. Do you by any chance have a reccomendation for science or history that would work for 2nd grade and 1st grade together and that would continue to work as I “add on” kids?
    The science in the beginning you have on there looks interesting but there are so many options I’m a little overwhelmed. We are doing abeka this year but I am thinking about switching it up for at least science and history next year..but not really sure where to start

    • Well, I absolutely loved My Father’s World for History. I never did use their Adventures year because I did not start using it until my oldest child was in 4th grade; however, that year is specifically geared toward the age group you have right now. The books are wonderful and I have so many wonderful memories of those years! I don’t know what the science is like that year, but I know they are now using some of the Science in the Beginning series in other years, which we love. At that age too, another option would be to simply read Science literature such as the “Let’s Read and Find Out” science books, or “Fun with Nature” books. Those were always big favorites for us. :)