Biblioplan Review — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for your reviews! They are so informative. I have a few questions. :) I’m currently using MFW for my young kids, but thinking about what I’m going to do in the future. Did you ever consider skipping ECC and trying to coordinate the high school level of MFW with the family cycle package from the same general time period (I hope I’m making sense)? I have no idea if that would work or not, just wondering if you think it would. Perhaps the high school levels advance too much each year to do this? I’ve looked at BP too, and it looks great but I’m afraid I would miss the way MFW integrates Bible so beautifully into its curriculum. What are your thoughts on that? Are you satisfied with the amount of Bible instruction in BP?

    • Hi Gina! In answer to your first question, MFW is very different in the high school years than in the family cycle. We could have studied the same time periods, but really no overlap in materials. MFW also kept my daughter very busy, and she didn’t have time to join us for readalouds that year. Those aren’t necessarily bad things, but made it less of a fit for us in the high school years. I actually wrote quite a bit about it at the time, when we were making a switch to History Revealed. You can read about that here: if you’d like to know more about what we considered pros and cons of MFW in the high school years.

      Right now, I would say that the Bible instruction is very comparable to MFW. However, I am doing Ancients right now, and Ancient History from a biblical worldview will naturally incorporate a lot of the Bible. So, I can’t say from experience how well the Bible is woven into the other years.

      I would highly recommend staying with MFW for now, since your kids are young. I really and truly loved using it, and we made some great memories! If it isn’t broke, no need to fix it. When your kids are older, you might feel a need to change, but I wouldn’t worry about that quite yet. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on BP. Your review is quite timely for me as well! We have used MFW’s 5 year cycle with our family. As my daughter is approaching 9th grade next year, I find myself struggling with what to do. I would love to continue the read and discuss pattern we are so used to, but I’m concerned about integrating enough writing and literature response assignments throughout the day. I’ve looked at MFW and HOD 9th grade material. They look great, but so isolating. My daughter is very sweet and will tackle anything I put in front of her. I just don’t want to kill her love of reading and learning.

    Do you use BP for writing and literature analysis? Or do you surround it with other resources to cover those areas? Do you think BP is a more doable Tapestry of Grace route? I have looked into that, as well, to keep us all together, but quickly go overwhelmed.

    Sorry for so many questions, as I know your day is quite full!
    Thank you for sharing and God Bless!

    • Hi Kris! Your daughter sounds like my oldest was. :) She’s in college now, and she’s still like that, willing to tackle anything without complaining, even if she’s overwhelmed by it. My other teens are like that too. I have to be careful what I ask of them!

      Some answers to your questions (based on my limited time using Biblioplan)

      Do you use BP for writing and literature analysis? Or do you surround it with other resources to cover those areas?

      While we do some of the writing assignments given in Biblioplan, I do not use it as our primary writing program. For high school writing, I currently using Sharon Watson’s Writing Non-Fiction in High School. In the past I’ve also used The Lively Art of Writing and Sharon Watson’s Writing Fiction in High School. I would highly recommend any of them.

      I am using the literature selections from Biblioplan, but as for analysis, all we do is discuss the books and the themes. I also have my high schoolers write up a short summary/report when they finish a book. But, my kids are pretty voracious readers, so I don’t feel a need to sweat this subject too much.

      Do you think BP is a more doable Tapestry of Grace route?

      I would say that is a VERY accurate description! Before I heard of Biblioplan, I was seriously considering Tapestry. A close friend of mine uses it and loves it, and she spent a long time showing me how it works, and how she uses it. Honestly, while it looked like it would be an excellent program, I was so very overwhelmed at the thought of using it. It seemed to me that there were so many pages, so much planning, so many decisions. With Biblioplan, I do have some options I need to choose from, but not nearly the overwhelming smorgasboard that Tapestry provides. I don’t mean this as a criticism to Tapestry – Some moms love having lots of resources and options to choose from, but I’m a recovering perfectionist and get overwhelmed easily if I can’t check off all the boxes. If I hadn’t found Biblioplan, I would have probably used Tapestry anyways, but it would have been difficult. Biblioplan is much more open and go, which is what I was used to with MFW.

      • Thank you Michelle! This helps so much as our family decides how high school with “look”. I appreciate your insight and will check out Sharon Watson’s writing resources. Your review has helped me think through Biblioplan and how it could be used by the whole family. Thank you ,again, for taking the time to share your experience!