Logistical Tips for Homeschool Moms — 7 Comments

  1. This looks great, Michelle! Can I ask what type of program do you use to create your children’s checklists? I like how it is simple enough for them to simply “check off!”

    • Thanks! I use Open Office, which is almost the same as Microsoft Word, but it is a free download. :) I use it to create a table with the needed number of lines and columns, enter my text, and play around with fonts. It’s really fast and easy!

  2. i have asked this before but do you use the clipboard system for your younger children?

    • My 6 year old is transitioning this year to begin using a clipboard. The younger ones don’t use them yet.

  3. Hey there Michelle,
    I have a question about what the other children do when there is an “interruption” I have 8 children the oldest almost 14 and the youngest nearing a year. My problem is losing everyone, let’s say I am reading History aloud and there is some sort of interruption, do you have a plan B, like okay everyone just read something else independently until I can come back, or go ahead and work on your math until I return. That works ok for the older independent workers, but not so much for the toddlers and in between ages. Any tips or ideas that work for you so that you don’t lose the flow? I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

  4. Hi Jenn, that is a great question and one with a long answer. I will write a blog on that subject soon, hopefully within the next week. :)