When Haters Hate (Recommended Reading) — 5 Comments

  1. Lurker of several months here. Your family is lovely. :) I’ve got some genuine questions as a non-Christian. Things I’ve always wondered about Christians, but have never gotten the chance to ask. I’d really appreciate if you’d answer them (and yes, I’ve read your testimony. It’s really sweet, but it didn’t answer my questions). I mean no disrespect:

    1) Why do you believe in God?
    2) Can you describe how you believe God looks? Why do you believe He looks that way?
    3) What do you believe God is capable of?

    • Hello Jacob, I’m sorry for the delay in replying. Your comment went to spam. You may want to check the email address that you entered – it seems my spam detector believes it is not a legitimate address. I noticed you also left comments on two of my daughter’s blogs which also went to spam. Perhaps the email address is causing the problem?

      I started to type up a response to your question, but it ended up looking more like an article than a comment. :) I decided to post the answer as a blog post. Thank you so much for being willing to ask questions, Jacob. I take you at your word that your questions are genuine, and I do thank you for listening to the answers. The blog is here:…do-i-believe-why/

  2. I just surfed in your blog today and I went straight to your daughter’s blog through this post. I very much admire her courage in standing up for her beliefs. Glad to have found your blog.