My Daughter’s Latest Book! — 6 Comments

  1. As a Schoolteacher I bought the first book as a Classreader. Not to weeks later the Parents started to complain. Unfortunately they were right in parts. Although the book is not too light a read for the Grade, it has no good role models for young women wich one could agree with. They are weak, insecure and so dependent on men. Even the more christian Families were not pleased. So I used the book to demonstrate how even women devalue their fellow females.

    • Hello, Mrs. Smith; this is Hannah, the author. Thank you for your courteous comment. I am surprised, though; I would think that, if anything, your boys would be more offended at my disturbing portrayal of Elkay than the girls at my portrayal of the female mentor character.

      Unfortunately, I find your feedback a little too vague. Could you give me an example of how the queen, for instance, is more dependent on Elkay than he is on her? How is she weak and insecure? I would appreciate it if you could point out specific examples. As a Christian and a woman myself, I have the utmost respect for women and try to present examples and non-examples of both genders fairly.