Homeschool Plans: 2016-2017 School Year — 18 Comments

  1. Hey there Michelle,
    I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks and encouragement. I just checked out Easy Peasy Homeschool. Thank you for sharing that! What a huge blessing. We are planning our upcoming year and I think this will be very helpful! I have been using Here to Help Learning this summer after I saw it linked here. I think it’s good, but my kids don’t love it. They find it too cheesy…go figure, I would never think that my goofy kiddos would find anything cheesy! Ha! So, again thanks for the time you put in to help other moms! You are a blessing!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Jenn! I am excited about the All in One Homeschool. Amazing what a labor of love that must have been for her, and to put it out there for free! What a blessing!

  2. hello i would like to know what poetry tea time is it sounds fun! also i am wondering how you decide which resourses to use and when and for who etc. there is so much stuff out there it is so hard to decide what to use. we used abeka k and it worked well so we will be doing 1 boy in abeka k andbone in 1st. i am not an organized person and i need a curriculum to tell me what to do. what really overwhelms me is the extras bible art projects fun activities read alouds and all that. most of the time i feel like i am just winging it. honestly thinking about this school year has set me into full time panic mode!!! not only am i not organized but we do not have all of the books we need in addition to supplies and etc. we are in a tight financial spot right now and god has been providing so much of what we need he is good! i trust he will provide what we need but sometimes i get a little worried. have you ever been in this situation?

    • I do understand! We are on a tight budget right now, which was what prompted me to explore free resources this year. I honestly wasn’t hopeful that something free could be good, but I was wrong! I am impressed by a lot of what I found!

      Every family is different, and if Abeka has worked well then I’d stick with that! For us – I spent a lot of time in my early year of homeschool reading about different styles and methods, and was pulled toward Charlotte Mason and classical methods, so we settled into a weird eclectic style of our own, subject by subject. :) Then as I had more and more students, I needed multi level resources, and settled in with My Father’s World, which was fantastic for our family. We still use to some degree. That’s just us.

      I’m with you in the extras… Can’t tell you the last time taught art! My take on that is to provide the tools and the time to draw, color, etc., and just let them explore on their own, especially when they are young. I do love to read aloud though, so we do that pretty regularly. I actually enjoy reading aloud better than watching movies! But I’m bad about getting outside, nature walks, etc. during the school year.

      I plan to write a blog soon about how I hope to fit everything in for the coming year. That’s always tricky, and I have to go in with a plan. Although it usually fails in some way and I have to tweak…

      Poetry tea time is a new thing I read about somewhere… Can’t remember where. I’m winging it. ;) Around twice a month we plan to make tea and something like cookies or coffee cake, and read poems of all sorts. We did it for the first time this weekend and everyone enjoyed it.

      It’s only July. You have plenty of time. This is really early for me. :)

      • you are always so encouraging thank you so much! we read aloud every day too i love childrens books! i have recently started reading chapter books and it seems that at the end of the chapter when i ask them what happened they have no idea. i just cant seem to hold their attention. i usually read these just to my 4 and 6 yr old. are they too young for this? also one other question just popped in my head. my baby is just a little bit older then yours shes about 15 mo and a real rascal!! she recently almost fell out of her crib and since then shes been on a baby matress on the floor. untill then i was going to try using a portacrib during homeschool because she is so busy. do you still do that for your babies?

        • Sorry I missed this before, Nicole! To answer, the books just depend on the child. Maybe do some Five in a Row recommendations and occasionally try a shorter chapter book. As to the portable crib, I use it as long as they will stay in it! My current little one has started putting her leg up and attempting to get out, so I don’t know how much longer I can use it with her, but I’m going to try!

  3. For the past few years, your blog posts before the beginning of a new school year get me so energized. Love this one particularly. We are getting geared up for a good year here, as well. There is no replay button, and I love this gift of motherhood that God has given SO MUCH!

    • I’m so glad these are encouraging to you, Linda! Thank you for your kind words!

  4. We are in the middle of our school year in New Zealand, but I always look with interest at some of my favourite US blogs to see what they are planning for the coming year. I am so glad that you brought to my attention All In One Homeschool. It looks great and may be just what I need to kickstart my littlies into some extra subjects other than reading, maths and writing. Thank you and best wishes for your new school year!

  5. Hi Michelle! Always eager to read about your curriculum choices. They are helpful to me. I noticed you are not using Here to Learn Writing program..just curious as to why?

    • Good question, Ester! It’s always difficult for me to decide what to use each year and sometimes I change my mind during the year. I first want to say the we do love HTHL, and the people who write it are wonderful people.

      However, we made these choices this year due to both budget and flexibility needs. We integrate lot of writing into other subject areas, and writing is something I am comfortable teaching even without a curriculum, so I didn’t think HTHL would be necessary for us right now. With a limited budget, I decided to go with free resources or things we already own, and work on teaching writing as we do our other studies.

      • Makes sense, Michelle. By the way my son read your daughter’s first book and thought it was GREAT! I am not very comfortable teaching writing without help yet so I’m going to try the HTHL curriculum this fall. I love your family, and have learned SO much over the years from you! God bless you!

        • I think you will love HTHL! Thank you for your kind words! And I’m so glad your son enjoyed Hannah’s book! God bless you, too!

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Quick question for you…I believe you all used Wordsmith one year? Did your
    children enjoy, learn and finish the books?

    Thanks, :)

  7. Hi, I know this is an old post, but I was wondering…. Why didn’t you continue with MFW for High School? I currently have a 5th & 8th grader and I’m deciding what to do next year for my soon to be 9th grader. I was planning on continuing with MFW HS, but was wondering why you didn’t. Thanks!

    • Hi Kathleen, I used My Father’s World for my oldest daughter when she was in 9th grade. We liked it a lot, actually. We chose not to use it afterward because we wanted to be able to continue studying History and Bible as a family. We chose to use History Revealed for the high school years for that reason.