Homeschool Record-Keeping Made Simple — 4 Comments

  1. What do you do with the massive amounts of papers from your younger children? (aka..kindergarden and below?) pictures they drew, projects, worksheets..etc.

    • They have a little filing drawer where they put (stuff) their drawings, etc. throughout the year. At the end of the year, I go through the drawer and pull out some highlights, and out those in a folder to save. I throw the rest away and make sure none of them see me do it. For larger sized projects, I save them a few weeks, make sure I take a photo for the homeschool blog, and then throw it away. It sounds merciless, I know, but we would be overrun with stuff otherwise with our large family. I also have found that the kids have hardly ever gone into those old portfolios to look over their art and work from years ago. They do look at archives from the blogs a lot, though, so this works for us.

      • I’ve seen your post on the filing drawers so I have been thinking that over in my head, and I know this sounds crazy but its likely they could fill one of those drawers in a week or two. They are pretty big on projects right now and my kindergardner has a ton of worksheets he does (he loves worksheets :)) Maybe your drawers are bigger then the ones I am thinking of?

        • The drawers aren’t very big, and they do stuff them. Not everyone would be comfortable doing this, but I don’t typically save worksheets for more than a day or two. I’m more inclined to save a few original drawings, words they wrote on a page, etc. but even then, probably not as many as most people would. I am sentimental about photos and stories, but not paper. :)