Big Family Tips — 9 Comments

  1. so my clothing system is pretty much nonexistent. these days its pretty much make sure the kids survive, are clean, learn the bible and try to do kindergarden. thats it. :) anyway my big question is how do you use only one bin? i have quite a few baby girl bins and baby boy bins. they arent even sorted by size. i have decluttered several times but we still have alot. i would like to get all of it organized but just wondering if you have more in storage for your little one then you do for your big ones. i was almost thinking about eventually doing a 0-12 mo bin then 12-2t then 3t plus. idk. i would like to know if you have tried it because if it doesnt work i wont do it.thank! sorry for the typing…active baby on my lap!

    • Yes, with babies I do it a little differently. Your idea for a couple baby bins is a good one and similar to what I do. :)

      • oh good! This makes me feel much better :) I had been wondering and wondering how you did this with baby clothes!!

        • Since reading this post I have moved toward more organization with shoes by putting a bin by our front door. What do you do with boots? My husband has a ton. Hes a big fan of boots. Also what do you do when you have muddy shoes? We have no entry way and our front door leads right into our kitchen. All we have for an entry is what my mother in law calls..a “closet et” which she designed in a small space right inside next to our stove for hats shoes and coats since we have no entryway. Mud gets tracked all in the kitchen..and when the shoes are thrown in the bin all the other shoes get muddy. I know you lived in penn for awhile so you understand. we live in upstate ny.

        • I used to have a little plastic cabinet I kept outside the back door for the kids’ rain boots or flip flops. These days we have very little yard and more cement out back, so I usually just let muddy boots sit outside until they dry, then knock the mud off the boots.

  2. So nice to see your family. I was happy to see jeans and other nice clothing. I know that if your girls wore leggings their bums would be covered. You are a good loving mom. Such wonderful Thanksgiving pictures!