Homemade Hand Soap, Body Wash, and Baby Shampoo — 31 Comments

    • Hi Leslie, GNC and most health food stores sell it, but I usually buy from Amazon because their prices are a little better.

    • Hi Amy, I have tried it on my own hair and it was okay, but not great. As of now, I’m still using regular shampoos because I haven’t found a natural and frugal solution that I really like.

      • Have you tried baking soda and water for shampoo and apple cider and water for conditioner? they work wonders on my hair and cost next to nothing. I know this is off subject but I noticed your comment about not finding a shampoo you like that doesn’t cost much.

        • Hi Emily, we actually use that very thing every few weeks for my middle daughter! She can’t use shampoo because her hair is very thick, wavy, and tends to dry and frizz with shampoo. She generally just washes her hair with conditioner, but every so often we use the baking soda/water for an extra-thorough cleanse. :-) I have used acv/water too for a conditioner, but it’s been a while and I guess I forgot about it. It did work well though. Thanks for the reminder!

        • Haha I just read over my comment after reading yours and I noticed I put apple cider instead of apple cider vinegar. Glad you knew what I meant. I think I will try your hand soap/body wash ideas. Thank you for posting

        • I do baking soda and a honey rinse. It’s like a tablespoon- two tablespoons and like a cup of water. The apple cider vinegar made my hair oily. I found your blog on pinterest and I really want to try this soap, i have been looking for a more natural bodywash

  1. Wow, do I appreciate the soap that you gave me. I think of you every time that I use it and it has lasted such a long time! Practical and thoughtful!

  2. I just found your site and am so inspired by your beautiful family.
    Thank you for all the helpful information you provide.
    I was wondering what product you use for shampoo?


    • Hi Lydia, I just buy typical drugstore shampoos presently, whatever’s on sale (Aussie, etc.) I haven’t found a frugal, natural solution I like for shampoo yet.

      I have found that a tiny amount of coconut oil works great as a leave-in conditioner. It’s so easy to overdo it, but just rubbing a tiny amount into my hands first, then rubbing that small residue into my hair works nicely.

  3. What is with Dr. Bronner’s products saying “All-One-God-Faith”? That seems odd. Do you know what the company is talking about?

    • Hi Alison, I mentioned in one of the other posts that this was my one misgiving in recommending the product. I took it as an “all paths lead to the same place” kind of thing, which as Christians, we disagree with. Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” and “No one comes to the Father except through me.”

      I still recommend the product because I haven’t found anything else that works so well. As it is, I only use it for mixing up our household and personal care products, so the children don’t really read the packaging. If they did, I’d need to find a way to peel off the labels.

    • Hi Brit, I don’t think we’ve ever gotten it in their eyes, but if we did, they didn’t cry. :-)

  4. Well I just made my first batch of foaming hand soap. I have to say, I’m pretty upset with myself for not finding your site sooner. It works so well, it seems ridiculous to pay so much for the store soaps. Oh well. At least I know now.

    I’ll be experimenting. I bought the tea tree oil scent, but I wonder if you can add essential oils to make different smells? Like lemon, apple, lavendar?? Hmm. If it doesn’t work out I still like the tea tree oil scent.

    I’ll be sharing this soon on my blog along with all the other homemade recipes I’ve been trying lately. Thank you so much for this idea!!!

    • Hi Becky, if you get the unscented Baby Mild, you can use any essential oils. I usually buy it already scented though… my new favorite for handsoaps is the citrus! It’s heavenly. :)

  5. Is the Castile soap totaly toxic free, i just read about the johnsons baby products and i am never putting this on my children ever again, and i am thinking about swicthing to all homemade soaps in my home, so i want to make sure the Castile soap is totaly safe and natrual before i do this. thanks :-D

    • Hi Kelly, Castille soap is natural, vegetable-oil based, (usually from olive oil) and is not toxic.

  6. I have one more question, do i have to use distilled water, can i use boiled water, or bottled water instead.

    • Kelly, I just use cold tap water. I figure that I’m using tap water when I wash my hands or bathe my baby anyhow, so I don’t suppose it really matters.

      • thank you so much you have been a great help, i would like to add, i bought kirks which is also just as good and just as natrual, also i added to the shampoo a little oatmeal, with a little honey, and it works so great!!!!!!!!!! i acutally blended it all in the blender and i boiled the water, it was amazing! also i made my own homemade baby lotion, half cup of milk and a half cup of honey, stir on medium heat till it is totaly disloved into eachother and refrigrate its good for up to one week in the fridge. and its great also! and also i did a milk bath for my baby, i crushed oatmeal in the blender, and then mixed a bit of milk with it, his skin was sooo soft, :-D thanks for all your help

  7. ohhh i forgot one thing, also a homemade baby oil, with one cup of olive oil and three vitamen E tablets, i just puntred throught the gel and squeezed the liquied into it, it makes a good diaper rash oitment also. :-)

  8. Hi,
    I just made the body wash, putting in almost all water and 2 teaspoons Castle soap. Mine is so watery, did I miss something on the body wash directions? What I made just runs right through like water. Love the foaming hand soap. Thanks for any help and the recipes.


    • Hi Jennifer, you probably did it just right. It is very thin and watery, which can be annoying, but it works well. My only additional suggestions would be to pour it directly on one of those scrubby bath ball things (sorry I can’t remember what they are called; it’s a mommy brain moment!) or to put it in a spray bottle. Hope that helps!

  9. I use a mixture of 1/4 cup distilled water, 1/4 cup dr. bronner’s baby mild unscented soap, 1/2 tsp grape seed oil, (or light olive oil) and a few drops of essential oil. I like peppermint. I also add a teaspoon of baking soda because I have white hair and it helps keep it from getting yellow. Then I rinse with apple cider vinegar and water. I usually double the recipe to make more shampoo so it lasts longer.