Chore Charts for Preschoolers — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have the same problem! I have not used the MOTC system, but have the book and that was my biggest concern. I instead decided to “marry” a few systems together, which I am still tweaking…. (forever)… my recently turned three year old is showing signs that he is ready to get involved, but I know he is not ready for “my system”. An in case your wondering I used some of the principles in MOTC (although I still need to read the book), but mostly my system is based on the Accountable Kids book and system. I did not buy the AK system, but rather a cheaper board and made my own cards for it… In the future or if you have a post about it already I would like to see how you reward your kids. I don’t want to use money or things as a motivator….. but, we are having a hard time committing to even simple things like one on one time with Mom & Dad. Do you use “motivators”?

  2. I might have to implement this…just need to figure out how to get my printer set up to our “new” 1 year old computer!!! How sad is that! I always printed at work so never got ours set up at home!!!! he he….

  3. Great ideas! Just wondering….do you have Princess’s chart in a file that you could send to me?

  4. Hmmm… I had another thought…. I can envision those magnets disappearing. One solution would to make extras, but I was also thinking the little crown/hat could be on some sort of sliding string chart.

  5. Shannon, I thought of the magnets disappearing to, so I made a lot of extras and stuck them to the fridge. I hope it will take them a long time to lose them all, and then I can make more if needed. The sliding chart sounds interesting too. I’d love to see what you come up with! :-) Rewards – I do have a few posts on that. Dad Dollars: and Encouraging Good Character: They are both under the “Parenting” tab at the top of the page.

    Leslie, I can totally identify. Printer setups are so cumbersome! Iron Man has to do that type of thing for me because I use mine all the time.

  6. I about slapped my forehead when you said the group that was having trouble with the chore packs “age five and under”! All of mine are age five and under right now! :) And we don’t really have “chores” right now. We just sort of do whatever mommy’s doing. If mommy’s doing laundry, everybody is doing laundry, etc. That sort of thing. They will pick up toys, but pretty much only when I say “ok, it time to pick up toys.” I have a schedule, but everyone else seems complete oblivious to it, other than me telling them what we’re doing next. :)

    I’ve been thinking about transitioning to some sort of chore system, but not really sure what direction to head in. This gives me a lot of good stuff to think about.

    When did you first start implementing independent, assigned chores?

  7. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I would love to try this with my boys, ages 6 and 4, however the issue that I am having is finding decent clipart/images. Can you share where you got yours?

  8. Eva, I got access to these images through the Managers of their Chores book. When you purchase the book, they give you access to their Chorepacks site ( where you can make chore cards. I used those images for the my preschool charts. I would really love to publish my chart as a file here, but the book explicitly states that I’m not allowed to distribute their pictures, as it’s copywritten.

    If you go to, look up in the upper left corner of your screen. By default, google will search under “web.” However, if you click on “images,” you will get only images of what you’re looking for. That’s how I usually get images and clipart for the little charts and things that I make.

    One of these days I would like to just design my own pictures so that I can publish and distribute them at will. Finding the time to do that is another story. :-)

    Oh, one more thing you could do would be to take photos and use those for the charts – your child’s nicely-made bed, a comb and brush, etc.

  9. so after finishing moth i am now starting the lengthy process of making my chore list/chart. After spending…forever..filling out the dilligance worksheet I decided to type it up and thought I would look a few things up on your blog :) (because all of your posts are so very helpful, I often reread posts!) Anyway I have been considering purchasing mot chores however now after reading your disclaimer I am hesitant to get it. I want the chores to work but I want to it really too much work to be worth it to go through with doing the chore pack thing? Also side note.. i tried to click on the link in the above comment for rewarding good character but that link doesnt work you have that post anywhere? ( I have recently lost my a childs book of character I am trying to look for some other things to help out with character training until I find it)

    • Hi Nicole! Im so glad these older posts are helpful!

      In answer to whether it’s worth the time to try, I’d say it depends on how much you need your kids to do chores more independently, and if you feel they are mature enough to not lose the cards. If all mine were young, I’d probably give it a try again, but then again I enjoy making systems and things like that. Currently we are in a different stage of life, now with three teens and lots of helpers, and I don’t really need that now. Currently I use a simple chore chart, and read it off to them each day. We do still use morning habits and bedtime habits charts in the bedroom for the little boys though. It’s just a list of five or so tasks (bed, dressed, teeth etc) along with pictures for non readers. I laminate it, poke holes in the top to tie a piece of yarn on it, and hang it on the doorknob.

      I moved the blog a few years ago to a new domain. All the new links for Parenting links, including those about encouraging good character, are here:

  10. I think my biggest concern is them losing the cards and I think my 5 year old is the only one mature enough not to scatter them around the house..