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  1. Thank you!! I also read this article and could not find the little slip of paper I wrote the information on. I had been searching the web for the info. Thanks. Enjoyed your blog!

  2. Hi Michelle. I was excited to read your post and positive remarks about my article in Family Fun! Sounds like you’ve really made the idea fit well for your family. How fun.

    Come visit my blog sometime, too, at

    PS. By the way (and please believe that I get no kickbacks from Family Fun for endorsements!), a subscription for a year is incredibly reasonable… only $10 for the year!

  3. Shannon, Thank YOU for the wonderful idea that you shared in the Family Fun magazine, and for your comment! :-) I stopped by your blog for a while today and enjoyed reading it. I was especially tickled to see that you are a Christian too. It’s always so wonderful to meet others who share our faith.

    And yes, the subscription for Family Fun is very reasonable. I’m thinking about that… :-)

  4. I am 11 years old & I am in love with the dad dollars, although I don’t put my DAD on it, I put people like Rob Pattinson & Taylor Lautner and give them to my friends. Everyone’s like; “How’d yo do that?!”

  5. Thanks Michelle for this awesome idea. I am definitely gonna give this one a shot. I believe my kids will love this idea!

  6. THanks so much for posting this. I was at the orthodontist’s office myself when I read that same article. I came home and couldn’t find it on their website. It’s probably there, but anyway, thank you for your site, too. I will have to read it sometimes. Blessings on you and your family.

  7. Thanks so much, this article was very helpful. This fall all three of my children are doing sports as well as other activites and I am working more. I really need them to help out around the house consistantly, they are 11, 9 & 6. I wanted something that motivated them, but I didn’t really wish to use allowance as that motivator (since I believe doing chores around the house should be a cooperative effort from the people who live there – but I realize they need motivation too) I love the Dad dollars idea, because it incorporates the idea of if you do your part around the house I will have more time to give you what you want. . . ie. emptying the dishwasher each day during the week = a sleepover for you at the end of the week. Also, it forces me stop working to take the time to share special moments with my kids, such as game or movie night becuase they have earned those rewards (& I have too!)

    So thanks, I am so glad I subscribed to Family Fun. I love easy stuff that works for real people!!

  8. we seen this in a magazine and tried it, it works very well! the kids love it and always want other ways to earn there dad dollars

  9. Great Idea! I do something similar, with a pocket chart that has cards for each child’s chores and a pocket for the tickets that they’ve earned. I like the idea of replacing these tickets with ‘Dad Dollars’ and cashing them in for specific rewards instead of just money! Thanks for sharing.

  10. We have recently been using dad dollars but have adapted it a little. We have 6 children ranging in age from 8 yrs to 13 yrs.(blended family including: two 8 yr old girls, two 10 yr old boys and two 13 yr old girls!) We have incorporated rewards such as school sporting events and dances for our older girls. Although this CAN work, do you have some additional ideas for older children that can set them apart from the “child-like” system of dad dollars?

  11. Hi Amanda,

    Amanda, 95% of the time, our kids use their dad dollars for wii time, non-school related computer time, or candy. Our oldest is 11, and all the kids are still very interested. Using the dad dollars for those also helps us to regulate those activites (and candy consumption!) ;-)

    In theory, they can use the dollars for anything on the list above, and if there are other things they want, they can ask to make a dad dollar deal. In practice, though, it hardly ever happens, LOL! We do the other fun things on the list, but more often than not, we give them as a freebie.

  12. Hello:)! … I’m glad I stumbled upon your website. I think a very good looking website with your family. Like the rest, I have read about the “dad dollars”, wrote the website somewhere & lost it:(… Now I have access to it, thanks to you & to Shannon:)! … I can’t wait to use this for my 6 year old daughter… I plan to make a checklist for her chores (on a clip board) to get ready for school (where she could actually get involved & do the checking herself on a square box), for going out, for bedtime, etc. to make her a bit responsible of her stuff & get more organized so I could get organized myself, not worrying that I have to do everything for her (dress her up, prepare her toothbrush, etc.) besides on taking care of my 15-month old son as well… Thank you again & I am sure to visit this site again & check out your visited sites:)! God bless:)!!!

  13. This is the only discipline systems that I’ve stuck with for a length of time. Normally Mommy gets tired of them before they do. This is simple and easy to stick with. Our parenting books say not to pay our children for every day chores. Dave Ramsey sort of says to implement paying. We felt this was a happy medium. I’ve even been guilty of not wanting to hear them whine, nor had the time to discipline if they did, so I’d yell, “Everyone gets a Dad Dollar when the family room is clean.” We also use for school. $1 for getting school done. $2 for getting it done before noon! Amazing how well it works! They spend it on non-educational computer time and TV time. Very motivating! Also, to make sure we don’t have them saving so much that the novelty wears off, they will all be “cashed in” at the end of the week for quarters or even real dollars (mom’s choice). We took library card pockets and taped them to the frig. instead of the baby food jars (to store dollars) so that we don’t waste countertop space. Love this idea! Thanks for posting it! Great website! :)

    • Oh, forgot to add that we only “cash in” the UNUSED dollars…if there are any left. :)

    • I sometimes give out spur-of-the-moment Dad Dollars for cleaning up too. :-) Also for finding a pacifier for the baby; we must have a dozen of them lying around and we still have moments where we can’t find a single one!