Children’s Chores: the Specifics — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you so much! It is exactly what I was looking forward. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question!


  2. I should proofread before I hit enter! :) It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

  3. I have tried the chore pack thing and they kept getting lost!
    Can you think of anything that would be like this without having to keep track of all the little cards?

    I have a :
    7 yo girl
    5 yo boy
    3 yo boy

    Right now, I just want the two older ones to be dressed and have their beds made before breakfast
    and to have the dishes cleared/table wiped off before school-we homeschool.

    I also need ideas on how to get them to do this without being told and without whining.

    • We actually stopped using the chore cards too, for the same reason. I went back to having a list of responsibilities taped to the school room wall (post for another day.) For getting ready in the morning, you might try making habits lists to keep in their bedrooms. We hang ours up with yarn on their closet doors.
      At mealtimes, I have a paper taped up in the kitchen with everyone’s kitchen jobs. For the younger kids, the list is more for my benefit so I can remember who I assigned what to.

      As to getting them to do their responsibilities without being told, I’m not sure how possible that will be at their ages. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that up until a certain age, they need reminders to “do your morning habits before breakfast” or “do your kitchen job.” Even with some of my older children, I have a rule that they get one free reminder, but I charge one dad dollar for every extra reminder.

      Whining is a different story. We use the “If-Then” chart and have a consequence established for whining/arguing/complaining/etc (see here and here for more info on this).

  4. great idea!! i need to find a thesaurus to find a word that means money that starts with P ( we call him Papa, not Dad) so it will sound cute ( and increase vocabulary)!!

    P. S. How long do you allow for different chores? … say a newly turned 7 year old cleaning her own room? She is the only daughter so she has no current roomie!

  5. Papa Pesos.
    Thanks for this! Oh my goodness thank you for writing out every little detail. That’s what I needed!

  6. I almost want to cry this is so helpful. Thank you. I’ll probably be spending little time on your site reading and learning how to do this. I didn’t realize you had such helpful hints on so many things we do or want to do the same.

    I’ve got the 4 kids and am now in the stage where I realize that a few of them are fully capable of learning how to be more helpful around the home without being asked. I just need to teach them to do each chore well.

    The only question I have for you is about required Bible reading time. I have heard it said that you shouldn’t make the kids do this as a chore, rather they will want to do it as they see their parent’s example and the corresponding fruit that accompanies it. My 7 and 9 year olds do from time to time have completely spontaneous Bible study times together and have had spurts where they ask me to wake them up early so they can read just like I do. What are your thoughts on this? Do your kids ever complain about Bible time?

    The more I read your posts, the more I like you. It seems like you are very humble about your tips. I have already recommended your blog to my sister and a few friends who could really use the help. So thanks again :)

    • Hi Becky, thank YOU for your sweet and encouraging comment! :-)

      I absolutely agree that we as parents need to be an example in reading our own bibles, praying, and praying specifically for that fruit in our children. I don’t think that necessarily contradicts the idea of requiring them to read daily. There is something to be said for setting the habit of daily bible reading, and for the the accountability that goes with it. Sometimes I need accountability in spiritual disciplines as well! ;-) The kids have never complained about it, and those who are old enough to read (and have bible reading on their list) sincerely enjoy it. Another clarification I need to make is that the amount we require is not excessive. We use this daily checklist for them to track where they’re at: We have not required them to do things like the Bible in 90 Day Challenge, although our two oldest chose on their own to do this last year. They each told their own perspectives about this challenge, so you might enjoy reading it directly from them. They were 9 and 11 at the time:

      I should also mention that while bible reading is listed as part of their “before school chores,” we don’t consider it a chore. We put it on that list because we want them to begin their day with bible reading, and it’s hard to have too many categories of things that the kids need to complete in the morning.

      God bless!