Our new chore system — 10 Comments

  1. Very good system Michelle! Glad it worked out for you guys. Yes, we have a chore system, and I have finally found one that has worked for over a year now. I have a blank calendar on the computer that I fill in for each of the boys with their daily chores to do. This is not counting any of their regular stuff like dressing, brushing teeth, taking vitamins etc… These calendars have 4-6 chores a day depending on the child and they are to check them off as they do them, then when they have completed the all… they must get me to sign off on it. If my initial is not in the box at the end of the month, they don’t get paid (allowance/paycheck) for that day. They don’t get much, but it gives them the ability to have some control over how much they can make. They also have a list of other chores they can do on the weekends to earn extra money.

  2. Love your system! You did well before because your house always look terrific-good job to the company coming over plan. I also think that you are doing your kids such a great service that they will know how to run a house, or at least know what needs to be done-reality is that it is work and has to be done over and over. They will not be in shock when they have to clean a bathroom or load the dishwasher in college. Who wants to room with someone who had a housekeeper or was waited on growing up? :-)

    You are a lot like Michelle D. and I am glad you got to watch a few shows. I always feel so proud that they are Christians and so down to earth.

    It was so good to talk to you and I am very impressed with your homemaking skills.

  3. I love the duggars. And I want to get motc too….. Im glad you posted a good rerview

  4. Hi Michelle!

    I’m really enjoying your site! We’ve used some of these systems in the past and they have really helped us stay on task. We’ve recently moved a few times and added a few kids to the line up. When it came time to reboot the system we started using Accountable Kids. Its working very well, even with the younger ones. It also has techniques in place for behavior modification. This part of the system has been truly amazing. My three year old is like no other, really, he has not responded to any of the child training techniques that we’ve used with the other children and this works for him! Here’s the link to their website

    May all your days be like the Monday you described!

    Have a great day,

    • Thanks, Christie! I look forward to checking out the website you recommended. We’re always looking for effective ways to teach our children! :-)

  5. I’m trying to find a new chore system for my 5 children. I’m just curious since you wrote this post several years ago, do you still use this chore system? Thanks!

    • I haven’t used this in a while, Rachel. Some of the little kids had a tendency to lose their chore packs. :) Now, I just make a list of chores by day and child that I post around the house, and I add the chores to each child’s daily checklist.