Snow Day

Our kids were not expecting snow in Texas, especially in November. When they awoke this morning to find this:image



Well… They were ecstatic. You would have thought we’d had a foot of snow instead of a light dusting :)

Their little voices echoed through the house:

Can we play outside???

Can we build a snowman???

Then breaking into song:

Do you want to build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play…

How could I say no? We had to figure out a way to build a snowman.

Seven year old Conductor helped me collect the snow on a plastic plate. We brought it inside, and the children set to work.



And voila, a snowman.



A cheerful looking fellow, given they had only a few cups of snow to work with!


An Unexpected Blessing

Boy, is it cold today. Here in north Texas, it’s a balmy 32 degrees right now. I have to say, we didn’t move from cold Pennsylvania to Texas for this! As one who is always cold, who keeps the air conditioner set at 78 in summer and still uses throw blankets, I have relished the idea of mild winters. It doesn’t look very promising right now!

Given my love of warm climates, it will come as no surprise that I do not expect to miss the snow at all this winter. However, I do miss autumn. I miss the trees, the colors, the smell, even the slightly crisp chill in the air. Here, trees are green, and they pretty much stay green year round. Green trees are pretty, but I miss those seeing those landscapes of reds, golds, and rusts.

So imagine my surprise a month or so ago when the lone maple tree in our front yard began to turn gold! A touch of autumn in a sea of green. The tree has since turned red, and this morning I sent Cowgirl outside into the tundra to take a picture of it.


Our colorful maple tree is truly an unexpected blessing. What a sweet gift from God, who knew how I would miss Pennsylvania autumns!

Museum and MythBusters Field Trip

On Monday, we took a field trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Our first experience with this museum was timed to visit the special MythBusters exhibit. So fun!

1The cliffhanger display let us try to hang from both a novice cliffhanger (a few inches to hang onto), and expert (a tiny space to cling to).
2 Handyman did pretty well!

18Happy and Strawberry tested how long it takes to transform into a superhero in a phone booth.
8 9 10 11

Writer tried her hand at blind driving while Handyman and Cowgirl called out instructions.


During a live experiment, this guy (no relation) tested to see if it was possible to dodge a paint ball.


After the show, the little kids got to hit the gong. Handsome ran at it like a warrior going into battle!


Happy and Handyman tried to pull a tablecloth out from under (plastic) dishes.


Each of them only lost one of the dishes.


Here is a swing being held up by phone books with pages laced together. It held all of our crew just fine!


After the MythBusters exhibit, we toured the rest of the museum. We saw a planetarium show with Big Bird and Elmo. The younger set was enthralled!

Princess loved the Children’s Museum.7 Little shopper!


Another little shopper. This one filled his cart with a quart of milk and about a dozen pretzels. :)


At the checkout counter.


One more nice family shot at the Energy Blast.


Our first visit to the Fort Worth Museum was a great one!

An Interview… with Carey, Napoleon, Beethoven, and Wilberforce!

(Posted by Writer, 16)

Everyone loves our history curriculum this year, History Revealed. Every four weeks we get to do Creative Week, in which we take the things we learned during the past month and express them creatively. Of course, we usually end up doing a comedy of some kind, and though we usually don’t post school projects, we all thought you’d appreciate this video.

Last week we chose to interview four of the most interesting characters from the early nineteenth century. Strawberry interviews yours truly as William Carey, “the founder of modern missions”; Handyman as Napoleon Bonaparte, general/dictator/all around military genius; Cowgirl as Ludwig von Beethoven, deaf (and might I add volatile) composer; and Happy as William Wilberforce, abolitionist/politician. Even when asked the same questions, these four men give very diverse and interesting answers!

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the video within the blog, click HERE to go directly to the youtube video.