Homeschool Plans: 2016-2017 School Year


We are a few weeks away from our first week of school, and I must say I am giddy with excitement this year! I don’t know if it’s the bittersweet emotions that have come with recently graduating my oldest daughter, but lately I have been flooded with sweet memories of teaching my children at home. Readalouds with little ones snuggling at my side. Batman or Cinderella sounding out phonics lessons at my kitchen table. Dramatic historical reenactments at my fireplace. “Hit or miss” theme dinners to correlate with a country or era. Handwritten stories with creative spelling attempts. Simple, sweet songs from the piano… and later, songs that take my breath away.

All those wonderful things that come with growing and sharpening these young arrows… it’s truly a blessing a privilege to be a part of. As crazy, busy days come from time to time, I sometimes lose sight of that. But I am determined to enjoy this journey! And thus, my excitement for this particular school year.

As I do every year (<– link to a complete list of my annual homeschool plans), I’d like to share our homeschooling plans for this year.

A few notes:

History usually serves as a backbone to our family studies, and our overall theme for the year will be Ancient World History. It has been several years since we studied the period, and we are looking forward to it!

We will be testing out some free websites for some of our studies. All in One Homeschool / All in One High School look promising for a few subjects, especially language arts. We enjoy the Charlotte Mason approach to Language Arts, and All in One seems to have that Charlotte Mason flavor. DuoLingo is another free resource, which we plan to use for our Foreign Language studies. After using Rosetta Stone for the past eight or so years, I was hesitant to switch. However, Timothy used the website at the recommendation of his iTalki tutor last year, and he  prefers it greatly over Rosetta Stone. So, we are going to give it a try!

For planning purposes, I am grouping my children into three age groups:

  • Older: Timothy (11th), Olivia (9th)
  • Middle: Young Mike (7th), Chelle (5th)
  • Younger: William (3rd), Samuel (1st)


Additionally, three little children from ages one through five will tag along and liven things up!



Older: All in One High School

Middle, Younger: My Father’s World

All: Various Family Devotions and Right Now Media studies


Language Arts

Older, Middle: All in One High School / All in One Homeschool

William: My Father’s World Language Lessons

Samuel: All About Reading, Pathway Readers

All: Poetry Tea Time, Reading Lists from Books Children Love, A Great Reader (<–my daughters’ blog!) and other sources



Older, Chelle, William: Teaching Textbooks

Young Mike: Math U See

Samuel: Math Wrap Ups, tablet apps to learn math facts



Older: History Revealed – Ancient Civilizations and the Bible

Middle, Younger: My Father’s World – Creation to the Greeks



Older, Young Mike: Apologia, Landry Academy Lab Intensives

Younger, Chelle: Science in the Beginning


Foreign Language

Older,  Middle: Duolingo (most will study Spanish, but some who are already proficient in Spanish will choose another language)

Younger: Usbourne’s First Thousand Words books (Spanish and German)

Middle, Younger: Greek and Latin Roots


Physical Education

All: 3x weekly or more, choose from:

  • Swim
  • Tennis
  • Walk
  • Jog/Run
  • Dance (English Country or Family Nights)
  • Exercise Video
  • Lift Weights
  • All in One Homeschool



All: Piano or Guitar

Some: Homeschool Choir



Older: Volunteer monthly at therapeutic horseback riding stables

Church Service (worship team, audio-visual support)

Middle, Younger: Volunteer monthly at food pantry

All: Volunteer monthly at nursing home

Note: Additional random service projects happen throughout the year as well, but these are the regularly scheduled projects.



Timothy: 1st semester – Logic (Bluedorn books)

2nd semester – Computer (All in One High School)

Olivia: Music Appreciation (All in One High School)

Young Mike, Chelle: Ancient Art Appreciation (All in One Homeschool)


For homeschoolers out there, when do you plan to begin school? Is there something you are particularly excited to use? Please share in the comments below!