September in Our Home

Soaking up baby snuggles, nursing, outings, nursing, homeschool, nursing, sleeping very little, nursing, trying to get organized, nursing, and occasionally refraining from pulling out my hair. That was September.

Okay, not really the last one. I still have my hair (although it is graying), but we’ve definitely had our share of disorder, adjustments, and little kid noise! You might have gathered that I spend a disproportionate amount of time nursing. You are right. But I’m okay with that, and I’m happy to report that my milk supply is up. Joy only needs a bottle of formula  a few times weekly now.

Blogging, as you can see, has been pretty much nonexistent, although I did manage to snap some photos with my smart phone in the event I ever got around to it again. Barely any photos were taken with my “good” camera, I’m sorry to say, but I’m fixing to do better when I get more sleep and stop being tired. ;)

Here are some of the many phone pics from the month.

My 43rd birthday.


My hubby took me out to the Gaylord Texan for dinner! We aren’t very good at selfies, but we tried. Maybe if we had one of those selfie sticks! Just kidding… I strongly dislike those things. I do have a GREAT name idea for them though: The Narcissistick!


Joy loves to be held, and she loooooves her daddy.

IMG_20150912_151531 IMG_20150912_121456819 IMG_20150912_121709718_HDR

She smiles now!


Big sister Faith is growing fast!


She has a purse now that she carries. Everywhere.

IMG_20150912_153551227A few weeks ago, the Blue Angels did an airshow in Fort Worth. We were able to watch part of it from our own front yard!


Weather has mostly been in the 80s and 90s. The first day it hit 70, we dressed for fall. Was it really because of the weather, or do we just love autumn fashions? Hmmm…


We spent one day with some friends at a trampoline park. So fun!


Joy has been to the doctor several times for weight checks. She is small, but she is growing well. Here she is waiting for the doctor.


One highlight this month was the Log Cabin Village. Everyone loved visiting this part of living history. Everything was very well-done, highly interactive and hands on. We got lots of pictures that day.

IMG_20151003_123551 IMG_20151003_123259

IMG_20150923_130307089 IMG_20150923_130350746_HDR IMG_20150923_130452123_HDR IMG_20150923_130525905 IMG_20150923_134620151 IMG_20150923_134806914 IMG_20150923_135010987 IMG_20150923_135031924_HDR

More than half of our kids wanted to try on the “dunce” cap.


The docent told them to make a grumpy face while in the corner. IMG_20150923_140453268

Joseph doesn’t have a grumpy face, but he tried. This is the best he could do. ;)


More of our growing girl…


Belly Time!



IMG_20150930_094937234 IMG_20150930_095008732

Love these kids!