June in our Home (Lots of Pictures!)

June has been a busy, but wonderful month. I have loads of pictures to share. Let’s start with a few to celebrate LIFE!


A seven-month picture of my belly (I’m now almost eight months along!) This little one will be here before we know it!

A Baby!

My sister-in-law had a baby boy! He was born 6 weeks early, and weighed a healthy 6 pounds 3 ounces! And, he is absolutely adorable.


Look at that beautiful smile!


Two Birthdays!

Writer turned 17…

First, let’s talk about the birthday girl’s hair. Here are Writer and I on our way to the hair salon. It would be Writer’s first time there since she was just two years old (when she had cut her hair and I didn’t know how to fix it.) This time, she was going for her birthday present… highlights!


Here she is, beautiful girl before her highlights.


And after, still lovely. Although…  the result turned out lighter and more ashy than we had wanted. The stylist had told us that might happen and offered to have us come back to add a toner if needed.


We returned a few days later to add a little warmth, and it was just perfect! Here she is on her birthday with her soft, warm highlights and those pretty, natural waves. :)

Happy 17th Birthday!


Handyman turned 15…

Just nine days later, Handyman celebrated his birthday!

Happy 15th birthday to our young man!


Our lemon lover requested lemon-raspberry cake. It was absolutely delicious.


The kids insisted on this photo of a piece of cake to show the raspberry filling. :)


Readers’ Theater

Cowgirl (our 13-year-old) started a “Reader’s Theater” with some siblings and friends, which has been a blast for them. What is a Readers’ Theater, you ask? It is similar to a drama club, except that:

  1. It’s less formal and they don’t perform full plays. Rather, they use short scripts from two books (Scenes for Young Actors and Great Scenes and Monologues for Children), Charlie Brown comics, and dialogue passages in favorite books to perform simple skits for each other at the end of each meeting.
  2. They don’t memorize lines. They practice them the first half of their meetings, and then read them to perform (with feeling, of course!)
  3. Costumes are optional. They use what they have on hand, if they have something on hand.

I’m attempting to refrain from showing faces of children outside my family, but here are a few fun pictures of what the kids do.

Charlie Brown and a baseball player


Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)


Thorin and Thranduil (The Hobbit)

readers3Service (and Joy)

Our kids have continued to be active with their teen service group. This month, they visited some really sweet residents at a local nursing home to do a craft with them. This was their second time there, with plans to continue regular visits with these truly lovely people.

This photo was actually taken in May, but I wanted to include it because the dear lady shown here passed away a few weeks later. Writer says she was the sweetest lady she’s ever met.


Happy and his friend really enjoyed chatting together!


This lady LOVED Handsome! She was so sweet with him.


Sonshine was a bit of a stinker this day, but the delightful man seemed to enjoy him.


Conductor, Strawberry and their friend work together on an Independence Day craft.


Also in June, the group went to stock and organize shelves at a charitable grocery organization. Here are Handyman and some of his friends.



Lots of time was spent in the pool, as we love to do in summer. Princess is getting ready to jump in.




Our newest pool guest is this gigantic seahorse. The kids love him. :) He’s so big that we leave him in the pool all the time. It’s amusing to see him floating around all day and night.




More seahorse fun.

_MG_9810 IMG_9816

Writer swimming with her little friend. :)


Our messy headed little girl, fresh out of the shower following her swim.


A lovely month here at My Blessed Home! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer as well!

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